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Frequently asked questions

Questions about sheep
What is a fell sheep?
How old is a sheep when it first has lambs?
How long does a fell sheep usually live for?
How many lambs does a sheep usually have?
What happens to the wool after clipping?
How many times is a sheep clipped?
What happens if a sheep cannot feed all its lambs?
Do sheep always feed their lambs?
Why are some sheep bottle fed?
Why are some sheep black?
Why do some sheep have horns and some don't?
Do sheep only eat grass?
What happens when a sheep is sick?
Are sheep left on the fells in winter?
Can lambs and their mothers get mixed up?

Questions about adopted sheep
How much does it cost to adopt a sheep?
How do I adopt a sheep?
Can I give my sheep its name?
Can I adopt a sheep as a gift?
What do I get when I adopt a sheep?
Do I own a sheep if I adopt it?

Questions about sheep dogs
What is a sheep dog?
What breed is a sheep dog?
What is a sheep dog trained to do?
How many sheep dogs does a hill farmer usually have?
Where do sheep dogs live?

Questions about hill farmers
Why does a hill farmer carry a crook?

Questions about hill farming
Do we still need hill farms?
What is the future of the traditional hill farm?
How does a farmer recognise his own sheep if they share a fell with another farmers' sheep?
What happens to sheep after 4 years on the fells?
How has hill farming shaped the environment over hundreds of years?