Adoption Application Form

Write the number of the sheep you wish to adopt in this box.

Write the name you wish to call the sheep in the box below.
This name will be entered on the web site.

Write the name of the person(s) adopting the sheep in this box.
You don't have to give a name if you don't want. Instead you can give the
name of a group of people such as 'Year 1, Ravenstonedale School' or
'The Adam's Family' or 'The Jolly Club' etc.
This name will be entered on the web site.

Write any message that you want to appear on the web site in the box below.
You don't have to include a message but if the adoption is a gift then a message
such as "Happy Birthday", "How's this for an unewesual wedding present" etc
will personalise the gift from you to the recipient.

This message will be entered on the web site.

Please write your name, address and telephone number in the box below. This is only so that
we can contact you if there is a problem such as 2 people trying to adopt the same sheep.
This information will not be entered on the web site.

Print out the completed form and post it with a cheque for £25 made payable to Tarn House to..

Adopt a Sheep Project
Tarn House
Kirkby Stephen
Cumbria CA17 4LJ

Remember to enclose a picture if you want one included on the web site adoption certificate. For security reasons we will not print details of addresses.